Patrick & Carol Kelly – The Directors

The Kellys’, as they have been affectionately dubbed, are from Perth, Western Australia.

While visiting Cambodia in 2003, Patrick and Carol were humbled by the call to serve the poor and consequently resigned from their management positions with Ansvar Insurance and Western QBE Insurance, respectively, to pursue a lifestyle of service to the poor. They will tell you that since responding to that call and moving to Cambodia, life has never been the same as they see their vision to equip, empower and enrich the lives of the Cambodian people come to fruition.

The transition from their so called secure life in the developed world’s insurance industry, with all of their bases covered, to daring to live on the edge serving the poor in the developing world has been an interesting journey of faith, hope and trust.

Since working in Cambodia the Kellys’ have had the privilege of serving in thousands of direct beneficiaries. The Kellys’, together with their team of expatriate volunteers and local employees, passionately look forward to seeing that number ascend as they continue to replicate the vision that equips and empowers the locals, who not only now have a dream of an enriched life, but get the opportunity to live it.

Regardless of the circumstances Patrick and Carol find people in when they first venture into a village, they are not deterred by what they see and press on with their team in order to provide long term solutions as they dedicate themselves to transforming the people’s lives. They determine to ‘never succumb to the enormity of the problem and risk failing the one’.