Commune Chief

Commune Oversea 4 Villages

On behalf of the commune group and villages in Sangkat Okentho and myself, we would like thank you for inviting us to this celebration of the new school year. The commencement of the Empowering Cambodia program, which provides non-formal education to our children in the public school schedule, has been of significant benefit to the children and their parents.  Read More

The benefits are as follows:

  • Parents have more time to work and operate their business without being concerned about what their children are doing when they have finished the Public School program for the day.
  • The children are able to study twice each day. They may attend the Public School in the morning and the Centre in the afternoon or the Centre in the morning and the Public School in the afternoon. The program provided at the Centre adds to and compliments the Public School program.
  •  The parents save money in that they do not have to pay for private school tuition. They also save because the children are provided with a snack, school uniforms and study supplies.
  •  The children are provided with a health and hygiene program which includes provision of the necessary items such as tooth brushes, soap , combs and hair brushes. The program also includes sessions on moral excellence, traditional dancing, art, craft and creative learning all of which provide enjoyment for the children and encouragement to continue their studies. In doing this, Empowering Cambodia is contributing to the Vision and Mission of the Cambodia Government to break the poverty cycle.

I would now like to address my comments to all the children, parents and participants:

  •  Please endeavour to cooperate with Empowering Cambodia and the Public School in order to build a strong relationship and to support the education program for your children who are key people for the future of the Cambodian nation.
  • To all the children, I urge you to study hard and learn from your teachers. Be good students and behave well at all times and respect and love others. Avoid mixing and become involved with people who are taking or dealing with drugs and other antisocial behaviour.
  • Learn and obey the traffic laws. When driving / riding respect other road users and drive / ride carefully so as to avoid accidents. Accidents cost lives, money and time. To all the parents, I ask that you please encourage and educate your children in these matters as well.
  • Be thankful for what is provided and from whom it has been provided.

Empowering Cambodia is not just supporting our children but they are also working in three villages, Prek Sbov village, Okanthor Village, and Beung Leas Village where they are providing our people with new houses, repairs to houses, sanitation, water filters, mosquito nets, capital for rice cooperatives, cows and other items. Even though all our needs have not yet been met, what has been done is of significant benefit to us. So we would like to say thank you so much to the donors to Empowering Cambodia and to the Directors and Staff as well.  We, the beneficiaries, must take good care and maintain what Empowering Cambodia has provided.

Thank you to the Directors of Empowering Cambodia for allowing us the privilege to provide feedback.


Village Chief

Prek Sbov Village Chief

Village Chief of Prek Sbov village Okentho commune, Krong Steng Sen Kampong Thom Province (2010-15)

Prior to Empowering Cambodia commencing the project in my village the living standards of the people was very low.  Many had health issues, poor housing, low incomes and lack of education for the children.  Read More

The EC program has built and repaired houses, provided proper sanitation facilities, clean water by installing water wells and providing water filters, mosquito nets, capital for dry season rice farming, cows, school uniforms and education supplies for the children. All of this has transformed my village.  The families who have participated in the program have improved health, secure homes, sustainable incomes and the children have better education opportunities.

On behalf of my people in the village I greatly appreciate all your support to transform and develop my village. This assists me greatly in my work.

Thank you to Empowering Cambodia for your partnership and cooperation with our authorities.

I am willing to attend and participate in meetings as and when required.

School Principal

School Principles and Cluster Heads (1)

School Principal and Cluster Head Feedback

It is a privilege for me as the school Principal and Cluster Head to be invited to the celebration of the new school year.  I would like to thank Empowering Cambodia for their cooperation with the Government School to establish effective and efficient education and health and hygiene classes for the children in the Prek Sbov primary school.  I will comment on three areas:  Read More

  • Good program for education:
  • Teaching the children about the importance of discipline in their lives.
  • The schedule for the children to attend the EC centre does not impact with their scheduled time to attend the Government school.
  • The children attend the EC Centre from Kindy, Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. The program teaches the children Khmer, Maths and English.
  • Empowering Cambodia have provided:
  • Glass cabinets for the school library.
  • Story and history books to the school library.
  • Note books, red pens, blue pens and erasers for every child in the EC centre to support the education program.
  • Water filters to the school to support the health and hygiene program.
  • Good Cooperation between EC and School:
  • EC provide feedback about student’s study and student behavior to school.
  • All correspondence and agreements between EC and School is of a formal nature.
  • Both parties respect the labor law.

I am very happy and impressed with the work that Empowering Cambodia has done in assisting the education of children and youth in my village. I hope all these children will have a good future and through the education and the skills that they have learnt will be able to obtain a good job and receive a good income to help support their family.

Finally, we will try our best build a good relationship with Empowering Cambodia and to strongly support the education program for children into the future.

Best wishes for Empowering Cambodia and good health as you progress with your vision and mission.