Corporate Opportunities

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits.

If you would like to have your team contribute to international sustainable development, join us so that together we can equip, empower and enrich the lives of the local Cambodian people. What a great opportunity to strengthen your own team dynamics, as you take on an international ‘Cultural Corporate Challenge’ away from the office.

We will design a schedule full of activities based on the expertise of your individual team members that ensure maximum impact for everyone. Contact us and get your international ‘Cultural Corporate Challenge’ for 2016 underway.

Corporate Teams

Boston Team

Brendan EC 3-5 Feb 13 KT 031“For me, coming back to Cambodia and working with Empowering Cambodia was not a matter of if but when. This trip had the usual challenges – organising eight people, adjusting to a different diet and language barriers – but the local team was truly amazing to work with. Read More

Their love and passion to help their own people blows me away every time. The activities my team worked on were diverse, from building a house, to helping teach at the school. It’s been a real eye opener once again to see the massive impact and changes in the community. This trip was really good to see old friends and continue to build relationships. I will be back in the not too distant future.”

Brendan Boston, Carpenter, Perth, Western Australia

LTM Risk Partner’s Team

Empowering Cambodia was chosen as the international charity by members of the LTM Risk Partner’s  charity committee. The Directors’ traveled to the Province of Kampong Thom in central Cambodia to visit the village of the community development program. Read More

LTM Risk Partners provided funding for new homes and the Directors’ displayed their talent and tolerance by working on site on one of these homes in the hot weather and high humidity.

Great things happen when visitors take time out from their busy schedules to travel to the Cambodian provinces to work alongside the local construction team.In between construction stints on the building site the team took time out to work with the staff and the children of the capacity building project. The team lead craft activities for the children and also brought a number of packs which included Aussie Rules footballs.  The team did a great job of teaching the locals a few games to play using the balls, which fits perfectly with our commitment to the children’s physical development through sporting activities.

“Special thanks to Pat and Carol Kelly from Empowering Cambodia for the opportunity to partake in this enriching experience. Empowering Cambodia is a wonderful organisation dedicated to the needs of the Cambodian people. By providing education and tools to manage their own lives Empowering Cambodia is working towards securing a better and brighter future for the Cambodian people for future generations to come.”

Directors’ LTM Risk Partners, Perth, Western Australia