WASH Project Home is Beyond Her Dreams

‘My name Sarim and I am a widower living in the province and we have 7 people in our family.

Before I received a house from EC our family was very poor and living under difficult circumstances which are very hard to describe. My house was very old and broken. So I asked my sister if I could stay with her because in my family we have many people and the house is very small and it is very hard due to the condition of the house, so each time if there is no rain I would take my children to sleep under the house. When it rains we have to stay in the house but it is very difficult because inside is only a very small space.

After I received a house from EC I am very happy and joyful and it is hard describe about this feeling because we have never dreamed that we could have a great house like this.

In the future I will take good care of this house and make sure it is clean. If something breaks, I will fix it and I will look for work to do so that I can get more income like other families in the other EC projects.’