Economic Development Cooperative

Economic Development Projects build sustainable futures!

My name is Prom and before I joined the rice cooperative I always borrowed money from the bank at high interest. I used this money to buy compost and also to pay for the water required for the dry season farming. Usually after each harvest I would sell all of the rice and then have to pay back the loan to the bank. After I did this, I didn’t have any money left for my family.

After I joined the EC Dry Season rice farming cooperative I received my loan. Now I don’t have any problems and I don’t have to go to borrow money from the bank at the high interest rate.

Through the cooperative network I have learnt saving principles and now I can save the money that we have left over once the loan is repaid to the local cooperative and we have money to pay for other regular family expenses.

We have also bought some equipment, including a water pump, spray machine, 100 meters of plastic pipe and a new Honda C125 motto.

I hope that in the future my family’s economic situation will continue to develop. Thank you Empowering Cambodia for creating this cooperative.